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City Parent’s School

Our school has a good reputation for academic excellence, high expertise across all fields both inside and outside classroom.We also boast of a caring, sharing and striving environment for our pupils.


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Welcome to City Parents’ School


City Parents’ School is the best choice in guaranteeing a bright future for your child. Our children excel in National exams with only first grades and we are proud of this.

Not only that but also our pupils are equipped with skills in swimming, ball games, athletics, home economics, debate and computer knowledge.

The school also caters for co – curricular activities like sports and games, swimming, music, dance and drama, art and craft etc.  After all “Work with out play makes Jack a dull boy”.

Here our pupils taking part in co-curricular activities. This enables them to build up a strong mindset and proper utilization of their talents.

We have an intention of bringing up learners as holistic individuals in order for them to be accepted in the community now and in the future.


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