The start and rise of City Parents School has indeed been an enriching journey of 15 years, so far. So as I take you down the memory lane, let me begin this journey with a brief historical perspective.

City Parents School was founded in 1998. It was fully registered on 9th December, 1998 under Reg. No. 114634. The school opened in February, 1999 with 357 children at Old Kampala in the buildings that were formally occupied by Kampala Parents’ School. The foundation of this school was on the principles of providing high quality education at an affordable cost, the principle that we indeed still cherish. I am sure as you flip through our web, you will come across comments from our Old Girls and Boys who are now Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Teachers, Accountants, name it.

It’s really overwhelming that we now count fifteen (15) years from the start with the growth in number of children, Three thousand Five hundred (3500), a staff of Two hundred (200) and our own buildings at Mengo-Kisenyi, Kabaka n’jagala Road. What a journey it has been with each year having its own triumphs and struggles and yet each year is unique in its own way.

My thanks, to the staff who have put their hearts and souls in the training and molding of the children. Academic excellency along with co-curricular activities have been the hall mark of our school’s destiny, enshrined in our school’s Motto, “Education is Light”.

Special thanks go to the Board of Directors whose vision and mission have fantastically led us to this far.

Thanks to our parents, whose support has always been unquestionable. May God bless you all