Mr Kasadha Paul Richard – Headmaster

I take this great opportunity to welcome you the City Parents’ School website. I thank God for the opportunity of serving this great school as its Head teacher after having served as a Deputy Head teacher since 2011.

City parents’ School is located in the city centre along Kabaka Anjagala Road next to Rubaga Division offices.  It is one of the best performing schools in the country. It is easily accessible with three gates connecting to three major roads, Kabaka Anjagala Road, Rubaga Road and Kisenyi.  This makes it easy to access the school and use alternative routes in case of traffic jam.

We operate on a national curriculum as approved by the Ministry of Education and Sports. We enrich our programs with a special consideration to games and sports, art and technology, swimming, music, dance and drama. In addition to English, we teach Luganda and French. Very soon we shall start lessons in Swahili, Arabic and Chinese. We have a well selected, self motivated, competent and dedicated staff.

We have always performed very well in National exams and for the co-curricular disciplines, we have gone beyond borders. We have produced children who are self expressive and able to join the most competitive schools in the country. Our mode of work closely involves active participation of all stake holders like parents and pupils. This makes them so much aware of the school programs to give maximum support to attain their goals.

We admit children right from Baby class to Primary six. Our Nursery Section handles these “angels” exceptionally well and by the time they are readmitted in Primary One, you can marvel at the level of their competences. Our school dues are very affordable and we have a very conveniently paid by all parents. We admit all children without discrimination by religion or race. We have a Religious hour program that enables our learners grow in their respective faiths. These programs are supported by religious leaders like Priests, Sheiks, Reverends and Pastors who support these programs on a weekly basis.

The school is in a very conducive learning environment with enough space to accommodate all learners. We have well spaced classrooms with a variety of instructional facilities and modern Q.desks. The modern play centre, ICT facility, a well stocked library and a standby generator make it very possible for pupils to achieve their best while with us.

We pledge to continue serving you beyond your expectations and avail first class levels in academics and skill development in our pupils. Our commitment to serve has no bounds. Feel free to contact me at any time for further information.

“We are committed to Excellence”

Yours sincerely,